Who am I? I don’t know

I am lost to darkness

Where to go?

My feet’s leading to nowhere

Seeing black, hearing voices

“Get the blade”, here’s the fear

Talking loud but no one seems can hear

I’m here but no one seems can see

Invisible, unexist

I should be leaving

Screaming as someone talks

“Get the blade”, then here’s the bleed

Blood dropped from empty-black eyes

Crimson liquid came out from pulse

Flesh are getting cold as ice

Slowly drowning, I am pulled by unknown force

Flesh rotten to fire

Where the voice I hear lives


Playing as one (sensual/erotic poem)

Warning: Read at your own risk.

Playing as one

At the warm dimmed room
In the midst of hottest game
The sensation’s starts to bloom
As we lit the flame

Every inch of flesh
Taken hungrily by those red playful pair
Hands that plays as it caress
Playing slow and safe as you care

Your moves that plays on the beat
Of sound and rythm of our souls
The stick points my flesh that ascends heat
And like we’re beast that growls

In this game we made
In our own hot rythm
As one. That’s how we played.
As the room’s ambiance is so dim

Attracts the deepest seed
Beneath underneath lives the ace
Who plays wild in the court-bed
That made success flashed on our face

In this hottest game we made
We played it as one ’til final phase
Hot sweats that drip
Upon the pleasured flesh

Friendship: The fake one and the real one

What does friendship means?

Most of us have different kind of opinions and explanations about friendship. But everyone, in easiest and understandable way, says that FRIENDSHIP is about loving each other more like SIBLINGS.

FRIENDSHIP. One word, but different meaning, either right or wrong

The reason why I wrote this blog about friendship is that, because of a certain happening when I was in 11th grade.

I have this classmate named J.C (Initials of her name) and happened to be my neighbor. Her parents and my parent knew each other, but not close enough to be friend. After months since our first class, we’ve became friends.

Other than her, I have my girl friends named C.M and E.G. The four of us are very close enough, we treat each other as siblings. We help each other in studies, stand for each other and always have this tight bond. Until one of our classmate came to the picture and happened to be a rebel-like girl.

J.C got close to her, and she then changed, she started to go with her all the time, leaving us behind, before we knew it, J.C is gone away from us. Until we like starting to see how our classmate influenced her badly.

JC mom’s always do ask me where JC is everytime she sees me on my way home, and all I can say is, “she’s still on our school” contradicting the fact that J.C’s with her boyfriend. I only said to her mother the lie just to save J.C from her mother. ‘Coz if her Mother knew the truth, she will be really furious about it. And besides, J.C asked me to say that lie to her Mother. And I don’t want JC to be scolded by her Mother, so I did what she asked.

Few more weeks had passed, there are times that J.C won’t attend class and we’ll that she ditch to go to her boyfriend’s house. I confirmed that she ditched b’coz on my way home, her mom asked me again where she is and whe she’s not with me.

Still, I covered her amd save her. I answered her Mother lies. And guilt’s starting to veil the whole me, and E.G and C.M arw really frustrated about what I’m doing for J.C.

Until one day, J.C didn’t attend our class, again. On our way to the Jeepney station, we say J.C with a guy, her face was red and acting high and looks drunk, she also looks like a mess. Then E.G and C.M pushed me to say to her Mother the truth qhen she asked me where J.C, I should tell her that she didn’t attend class. For pete’s sake, J.C is wearing our school uniform, that confirms that she ditched.

And she’s really getting messy, rebel and walking to a wrong direction in her life. I want to save her, she is my friend and my sister. So I should save her, not from her Mother’s furiousness but from her being trapped to a way where she could only ho way down to the wrong path of her life. I want to bring back the goody J.C I’ve met before.

On my way back, my decision was made. I didn’t see her mother ’til I arrived home. But few hours later, J.C’s little brother knocked on our gate asking where his older sister is. And I answered him, “I don’t know, She did not attend our class for today.”

After that, her brother went home. few hours later, I was about to sleep for my siesta, her brother knocked again, saying his mother wanted to see me. along the way near their house, I can already hear J.C mourns, and sobs. She’s crying out loud. Her mom holding the stick. Asking me again if J.C attended our class that day, though guilt was really hitting me hearing J.C cries, I manage to fight the urge to lie again. I answered the truth, she didn’t attend class.

When I came back to our house, I told my mom about what happened. She said that I did the right thing. But still, is with me, to the point thag I can hear JC cries and her mother hitting JC with the stick.

I know I did the right thing but lost her forever. She sticked with our classmate who bad influenced her.

That story of our friendship explains what friendship means for me.

Friendship has two sides. Fake and True.

Your True friends will never let you go out of the good zone of your life, they will lead you to the good side of you, the best you. Friendship is not about having in common, coz it’s about being more sticked together because you manage to deal those uncommon things each other have.

Time Machine

I wrote this poem, because of this unbearable feeling that haunts me everytime. THE FEELING OF REGRET,regret of doing wrong decision. Then realized it too late.

Time Machine

By: CHENtrovert

I chose you and let him go
Now the truth had fade
And fake covered my world
Cause of one mistake I made

I chose my heart not mind
Hold your burning hand not his warm hand
Look at your face not the wide view
Seeing only you, not his efforts

That in my darkness
You’ve been my moon who left me when day comes
But he’s been my light who guides me in darkness
And been lighten my world at day

If I were prized by the creator of us
One wish is enough for me
That is time machine, allow me bring back past
And correct mistakes I made before